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Innocent Diversions, A Christmas Entertainment with Jane Austen and Friends:

"This Jane, as played by Karen Eterovich, is anything but demure. She's fun, with a wicked sense of humor, a kick in her step, and a twinkle in her eye. "

Byrne Harrison, Off Off Broadway Review, © 2007

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Innocent Diversions:

"The novelist, interpreted as brilliant, vivacious, and fun-loving by charismatic Karen Eterovich, leads friends and family through songs and comedic renderings of letters, novels, stories, plays, and poetry, all re-created with vigilant attention to historical detail by playwright-director Lynn Marie Macy from Austen's early writings."

Nancy Ellen Shore, Backstage, © 2007

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Innocent Diversions:

"Karen Eterovich, who originated the role in the first staging of Innocent Diversions in 1998, portrays Jane Austen as we have always imagined her: wise and witty, intelligent and self-aware"

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