From the Episcopal Actors' Guild of America:

"And thank you again for a splendid evening at the Guild - performances like yours are one of the best fund-raising and recruiting tools we have and it was mightily enjoyed by all."

Elowyn Castle, Board President, © 2011

The Bath Chronicle

Cheer from Chawton: “a bright, witty, sparkling Jane!”

Philip Horton, © 2007

Love Arm’d: “The talented actress fairly romps through Aphra’s colorful history as she bemoans her lot.”

Jackie Chappell, © 2007

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Cheer from Chawton: “…incredibly witty and entertaining. Karen Eterovich portrays Jane Austen with boundless reserves of energy, humor and heart.”

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Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine

“The Hit of the Jane Austen Festival!”   “It was difficult to tell when the applause would end.”   Sue Hughes, © 2007

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From the Players Club Performance in New York City:

“Karen’s performance as Jane Austen was sublime and I wish her huge success in this new piece! Very exciting! I went home and dug out my complete anthology of Jane Austen to reread after spending an evening in her lovely, witty company!”
Cynthia Kane, Writer, Documentary Producer and Consultant, Sundance Channel, © 2006


“A spy, a veteran of debtor’s prison, a loose woman – Behn was all of these and more, and Eterovich not only conveys what made her vividly alive when she lived, but what keeps her alive now that she’s gone.” Leonard Jacobs, © 2002

“Both as a playwright and performer, Eterovich distinguishes herself with her energetic delivery and her powerful passion for the role.” Elias Stimac, © 2002 MrsShakespeare.htm

“Eterovich depicts Behn as a lusty, passionate, supremely independent woman, one who refuses to bow down to the mores of her time and instead remains resolutely her own person.” Martin Denton, © 2002 MRS._SHAKESPEARE_&_MRS._BEHN

The Scotsman

“Eterovich’s Aphra is classier…we get something of her fiery relationship with lover John Hoyle, and the pathos of her stay in Guiana amid indigenous American and Black Slaves which evoked her noble savage novel Oroonoko.…a vivacious, informative, enjoyable entertainment…” Sara O’Sullivan, © 1997

The British Theatre Guide

“…a fascinating and informative piece…a polished jewel.”

Peter Lathan, © 1997 fringe/fringe911.htm#wits

The New York Times

“Deborah Wright Houston as Feste the clown and Karen Eterovich as Fabienne (not Fabian) are wonderfully funny.” D.J.R. Bruckner, © 1995 res=990CE2DA1F3DF932A0575BC0A963958260

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